With the Listening to Horses program, you will learn what horses are trying to tell you and how to support the needs of the horse.  If the horses' needs are fulfilled you will have made a good friend. This will build a deep everlasting bond you never thought possible. 



I have several training options: 


  • If you have your own horse. I will travel up to 45 miles, Please note:  travel fees may apply

  • If you don't have your own horse. There are plenty of horses to love. There is no charge for a non-riding lease, but training fees will apply. The amount of training you'll need will depend on your level and the horses' level Nothing to do with experience. 

  • Attend a workshop.  To be notified of upcoming workshops, sign up for my email list here.

  • Host a workshop.  





I privately train all over the Bay Area and near Browns Valley.  I will travel for clinics and perform consulting and training for rescues and sanctuaries. My fees vary depending on how far you are and the situation. I can train over the phone too, call me!  


My program is designed to enhance any and all horse-loving humans open to a lighter, softer and deeperr understanding way with horses. 

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