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Hi and Welcome, I’m so grateful you’re here.

The Mindful Horse Companion is to assist us humans in becoming our very best for our dear horses and to educate on horse behavior, horse care and enrichment along with tips and ideas on how to better serve our equines! When the horse is comfortable and happy is when a true friendship and bond can develop. I will also have helpful products to assist us in being mindful of ourselves and our equine friends.

A bit about me:

I was a natural horsemanship instructor for 10 years, then I began delving into Positive Reinforcement/ Animal Behavior Training, and this forever changed the way I play with horses. I joined the IAABC and began taking courses. With the 4-week course “Fundamentals of Animal Behavior and Learning” I learned more in the first week than I ever learned in the last 16 years of training horses. But what was most important is that I began working on myself, this is where the true change actually happened.

(I’d like to add, my natural horsemanship training still has its merit, this is where I learned the fundamentals of ground training, now I place more of a positive twist to it).

I now have developed my own methods and I’m excited to share them with the horse world.

The horse you see here is my dear horse Red, my first horse and teacher, he never gave anything away, I had to work for it and learn constantly. Through Red I found that horses absolutely can be our best friends. I am forever grateful for this magnificent horse. He is greatly missed, Red passed away in 2015, I still get teary-eyed every day.

I have 2 rescue horses Crimson and Cream that are my new teachers and what great teachers they are! You will hear about these two a lot! When I adopted them they were deemed dangerous and untrainable. Crimson was to be put down for viciously attacking people and other horses, she had developed severe anxiety, fear issues and was extremely unconfident. Cream was angry, unmotivated and double barrel kicking at humans. Both were picked off the feedlot by a horse rescue. Cream was orphaned at a mere 6 months old, alone and left to fend for herself, which explains her past mistrust in humans and food aggression. The 3 of us have come a long way in

the last 2 years, I’ll blog more about our journey.

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