Grooming to Connection Series #1

As you see in this picture of my two horses Cream and Crimson respectively, they grooming each other. But this is also a form of horse connection between the two. While we can't pretend to be horses we can try to understand them and why they do what they do. Therefore, grooming can be way more than just grooming!! It can be a form of connection with our horses.

Use this precious time to find out what your horse enjoys, not what "you" think your horse needs, but what your horse knows it needs. Be mindful of their expression, are they relaxed?

Crimson loves her mane brushed, this is one our bonding times and to help her relax. I use a detangler so as to make her experience, and mine, more pleasurable. My favorite product is called EQYSS Survivor Super Detangler Shine. of best buddy's likes eZall Shine and Detangler.

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