The Extraordinary Story of Crimson and Cream


Part One 


The beginning of their story was unfortunately all too common. Cream was orphaned along with Crimson, at the feedlot bound for slaughter -- it happens more often than any of us want to think about.


A horse rescue thankfully saved these 2 adorable fillies and they resided there for 2 years. 


The Extraordinary part comes when I learned about their personalities. It took thinking so far out of the box I felt as if I were on another planet. Read on...


Cream was touchable, not willingly in any way, but handable all the same. Please see the above picture, she was indifferent and stoic unless you have food, then she perked right up. But there was still a vacantness in her eyes.  Orphans are some of the toughest horses to deal with, they do not have a mother to help with their upbringing and they have to fend for themselves right away. Trust in anything is a challenge for them. 


Crimson was not touchable, In fact, she was lunging at and biting humans.  Crimson would look at you as if saying, "please come and touch me," and once you did she would strike and mean it! Sometimes the strikes were delayed by minutes. Please see the top picture for a great example of her come-hither behavior. 


They had been through 3 trainers. Crimson only got worse and worse with her behaviors. She tore up the barn and the 3rd trainer. There was the talk of putting her down since there seemed no way of getting near her to take care of her. 


I knew Crimson was more than willing to be handled I just needed to figure out how without getting bit and allowing her to be herself and have the behaviors she felt were necessary. We also needed to establish a mutual trust. Before I went in with her, I began by being honest, so told her I was scared of being bit, it's always best to clear your mind of all former premonitions, but very difficult to muster especially in this case! that's when I knew how to start a relationship with her. I made an agreement with her and asked, "if you don't like something that I do, can you figure out a different way of showing me aside from biting". She immediately turned her butt to me, saying "how about this?" I told her that was fine and I thanked her for her amazing communication skills


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This is the 2nd day I was with Crimson. Shows how powerful listening and merely sitting and doing nothing with horses is. 

The first time I saw her. I see a willing horse!

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