The Extraordinary Story of Crimson and Cream 

Part 3 


The Girls and I are moving to Oregon! 


On February 19th, 2019 the girls will be on a trailer to Oregon. They are going to Dodge Creek Stables in Oakland, Or. My horse Red spent his last year there and he's buried there on a grassy knoll. I loved that horse more than I ever thought possible, it still breaks my heart. I miss him so much. It will be great to have the girls there to bring in joy and new positive energy! This is a beautiful place that's run by 2 of the nicest people! Good ole' Oregon hospitality! The girls will have a pasture to themselves.  I'll be staying with my elderly mother, she's 88 years old and doing fine, she's alone though, her husband died 6 years ago and I have no other siblings and she has no grandchildren. the stables are close to my mother's and it's Oregon, therefore it's much less expensive!  


I don't know how long they/I will be there. I'm still hoping they get adopted by just the right person that understands them. 


Stay tuned!

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