The Extraordinary Story of Crimson and Cream

Part 2


The rescue was 1.25 hours away and it was blistering hot in the summer.  I had a very short window to work with them trying to get there in the morning before the intense heat, but that meant they were still eating their breakfast. This is when I decided to take them nearer to me. I had to take both since they were bonded since the feedlot. I was in no way financially prepared for this endeavor...but I made a promise to them that I would help them and I knew Crimson was willing, she was just greatly misunderstood. Cream was also greatly misunderstood, she just wasn't as dangerous.  I was hoping to get them adopted as soon as I could rehab them. They needed confidence, trust and an understanding of the human world. There is also the physical end in which always need to be at the forefront of caring for horses. 


So now they were mine. Oh boy! The expense and the time it, takes. I was just getting into my busy season at work. I found a few volunteers and I raised a bit of money to help out. But I did not plan on getting a horse, let alone 2! My plan was to not get another horse and help at horse rescues and sanctuaries. 


Within 3 days, Crimson had a halter on, in fact, she couldn't get it on fast enough and still to this day she wants the halter on right away, she tries to put it on herself if I don't do it fast enough. She also wears a fly mask, can be groomed (in most places - still not a fan of her tummy and right leg), picks up all four feet, can be led without pulling and gives to pressure in all directions. 1/31/19


With Cream, I do clicker training in order to get her "want for learning" going.  She now enjoys it, but we still have a ways to go. 


I usually start out with sitting and doing nothing. This is VERY powerful! It does many things: Shows them you don't need anything from them, they get to check you out in which instills their confidence and trust in humans, exhibits flexible boundaries.  This practice is very much like what horses do with each other. 


Then my training program works with where they are at -- at that very moment. Crimson has developed her own training program. She knows the goals and agrees with it: to be a confident, trusting horse that understands the human world. I have a protocol that every horse should know, Crimson understands this, she just goes about it her way and at her pace. 


These two have taught me more than any other horse has! 



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This is how interested Cream was in training. Crimson can't and still can't get enough of it. I could work with for 8 hours and it wouldn't be enough. 

Cream, I had to figure how to get her like to like learning

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