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About The Mindful Horse Companion 

Hi and Welcome, I’m so grateful you’re here. 

The Mindful Horse Companion is to assist us humans in becoming our very best for our dear horses and to educate on horse behavior, horse care and enrichment along with tips and ideas on how to better serve our equines! When the horse is comfortable and happy is when a true friendship and bond develops. I will also have helpful products to assist us in being mindful of ourselves and our equine friends.  Click here to read more 

Recommended Mindful Human and Horse  Products

I've been using this knotless halter on both my horses for 2 years now.  I (and especially my horses) just love the NO Knots! No pressure on their delicate faces. 

This was my first self-help book I first read many moons ago, it forever changed me - thank goodness! 

Love, love, love this product! This company uses all-natural products and does not test on animals.  This is part of my grooming to connection product. 




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